It’s a Family Affair

No, the title is not referring to Donald Trump’s creepy obsession with Ivanka.

Come on, who says that about their own child? I know I wouldn’t say that about any of my 3 daughters … except for the super-hot one!

All kidding aside (bad idea for a humor blog), I always wondered why Trump never attempted dating a Kennedy (and more importantly, all the Kennedy money) during the times he was between marriages. Now I think I know.

I was as perplexed as most everyone else as to why people gathered in Dallas at Dealey Plaza the other day waiting for JFK Jr to return. There were hundreds there from all over the country. Take a look.

.Up and down the street they anxiously awaited JFK Jr’s return. And why?

Right, JFK Jr would return to be Trump’s Vice President as he retakes the White House in 2021, although not an election year. Tick tock. 2021 is almost over. Those flags aren’t cheap. I give JFK Jr lots of credit for staying dead and declining to take part in this madness.

But why JFK Jr and Trump? Now I know. I couldn’t find the exact spot in the numerous videos from The Legacy Marketing Network where they explained it. I got a little woozy just looking at a couple minutes of a couple videos. You can check out their YouTube channel if you want to go poking around for a needle in their big pile of video feces. But an excerpt from one of their videos was featured on the Rachel Maddow Show, and here’s a transcript. It’s hard to make sense of it as they say it, so I broke it down into bullet points to aid your understanding. No words were changed to make them look wackier or saner (unlikely), although I added what is shown in parentheses.

  • General Patton is the grandson of Abraham Lincoln.
  • General Patton had a brother which was Benito Mussolini.
  • General Patton was the son of William Wallace Lincoln.
  • Benito Mussolini was the son of Thomas “Tad” Lincoln.
  • Joseph Kennedy, the older brother of John F. Kennedy, presumed dead in World War II, was not dead. He went into hiding for protection. He had children.
  • Joseph Kennedy begat General Michael Flynn who happens to be first cousins to John-John (JFK Jr) and his siblings as well.
  • (Donald) Trump is the biological son of General Patton which makes him first cousins to John-John (JFK Jr) and the Kennedys as well.
  • It`s all about the blood line. It`s all about the blood line.

It all makes sense now as to why Trump never dated Mussolini, Patton, Mike Flynn, or any Kennedy. It looks like one big nepotistic, incestuous, political stew pot.

After JFK Jr stayed in his grave and was a no-show at Dealey Plaza (shocking!), the next appearance date was going to be the Rolling Stones concert in Dallas. That also didn’t happen, but a guy who should be dead showed up.

Way to go, Keef. Keep on keepin’ on.

I’m not sure what the official timeline for JFK Jr’s return from the dead is now, but you know this is happening among the QAnon folks.

Ever wonder what JFK Jr may be doing in the afterlife? Read my award-winning book of short stories about the afterlife. Click this link to buy my book so you have something to read while we all await JFK Jr’s resurrection and return.


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