Would You Like Math With Your Burger?

A question has confounded me for the last 5 years. Can people really be dumb enough to support Donald Trump? I think I have my answer, thanks to a hamburger, which seems appropriate when speaking of Trump. Or, perhaps I should say hamberder. In case you have forgotten, click this link for a reminder of hamberder heaven.

Ah, memories. Anyway, the burger of which I speak is on the menu of a chain in the US called A&W, a franchise more famous for their root beer, which is undeniably awesome. There aren’t many A&W locations in Chicagoland, but there happens to be one about 15 minutes due south of my house. I rarely pass by without getting a root beer float.

It was the story of an A&W 1/3 pound burger meant to compete with the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder in the 1980s that gave me the answer to the Trump dilemma. I wasn’t familiar with the story until I saw this new A&W commercial.

First off, great commercial, wonderful marketing idea, and a very diplomatic way to say that we’re stupid. But then … sigh! We are stupid. I mean we as a country, not you personally, although you over there in the ratty flannel robe don’t strike me as the sharpest knife in my back.

So, A&W’s 1/3 pound burger is back as the 3/9 pound burger to compete against the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, because in many American minds, 3/9 > 1/4 > 1/3. Once again … sigh! With math like that, no wonder Republicans think that Trump won the 2020 election.

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure that my award-winning book for under a buck is a good deal. So, come on, buy it already. Click this link. Geez!


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