Signs of the Time

Every 2 years, signs sprout up in our yard. The crop is good this year.

I couldn’t help but notice that I have unintentionally arranged the signs like a middle school dance – girls on one side and boys on the other. It’s certainly not a special shrine to Joe Biden like the one that I saw when I biked through our old neighborhood.

I wish I had taken some video of the pinwheels gently turning in the breeze. Nicely done, Ray & Peg. It’s got a bit of a Trumpy feel to it at first sight. But look closely, and it is nothing like Trump. Just read the 3 signs …

  • We all deserve better. (Okay, that sounds a bit Trumpy, but not with “all” underlined.)
  • Love! Not hate! Makes us great!! (Thankfully, they didn’t add “again” at the end.)
  • We are no longer accepting the things we “cannot” change! We are changing the things we cannot accept! (Love this except I don’t want to accept the unnecessary quotation marks.)

Thankfully, we have zero Trump signs in our area. With Trump having been in office almost 4 years, I think the MAGA message is viewed as a bit cheesey these days. This sign may be proof …

Let’s end this cheesey post with a non-cheesey song about signs by the Five Man Electrical Band. Hey, they’re from Canada, so that automatically makes them likable. My favorite part of this great old song is the grunt at 2:16. Enjoy!