Overcoming Adversity vs Giant Shit Show

At the Democratic National Convention last week, Joe Biden pulled out the stuttering handicap he overcame for all to see. Apparently, he helps and mentors stutterers he meets in his travels. A young stuttering teen named Brayden spoke on Biden’s behalf at the convention. Here’s the first meeting between Biden & Brayden.

No, I’m not crying. I think I have something in my eye that must have punctured my eyeball and is causing it to ooze.

That’s all well and good, but what about Trump’s handicap? No, not the textbook narcissism. He overcame bone spurs. BONE SPURS! They sound very boney and spurry. But he overcame them so well, that he can now do this …

Trump campaign ramping down.

That’s right. He can now walk down slight slopes, sort of.

The Republican National Convention, also known as Shit Show 2020, starts today. Speaking today on behalf of Trump will be Mark & Patricia McCloskey, with felony charges pending against them. You remember them, right? The aimed loaded weapons at and threatened peaceful protesters walking past their house.

They seem nice. And tomorrow night, Trump will show that Biden’s not the only one who can get young people to speak on his behalf. Nicholas Sandmann will speak Tuesday night. You may remember his from this video clip …

I hear that Sandmann is a son of a beach.

No schedule of musical guests yet, but I’m guessing we can count on Kid Rock and Ted Nugent sightings. Besides being a HUGE Trump supporter, Nugent has in common with Trump a love for young women, in Nugent’s case … underage girls according to this VH1 episode.

In addition, musician Courtney Love claims Nugent had sex with her when she was just 12 years old. Nugent doesn’t deny the story. He just can’t recall.

And both Trump and Nugent avoided the draft, Trump with bone spurs and Nugent because he pooped in his pants. That’s right, in a 1977 interview with High Times magazine, Nugent claimed to have gone to his draft physical with poop in his pants. He later recanted the story, but his draft classifications seem to support his original story.

Regardless, with or without poopy-pants Nugent, this Republican National Convention is shaping up to be one giant shit show.