Disturbing Stats

I have found that the most popular blog posts I write involve food, travel, health & exercise. Everyone (including me!) is tired of political posts. We all know Trump is awful, and while you’ve been reading this sentence, he’s now done another terrible thing which is blah, blah, blah. I find that I need to write some political posts for personal cathartic reasons, and they barely get noticed … except for my post titled “It All Adds Up to the Mark of the Beast.” If you don’t recall it (And why would you? It was eminently forgettable), go ahead, click the link, and take a look. It’s number rubbish, because I’m a math geek, but I happened to notice a disturbing trend for that months-old post …

Mark of the Beast Views

Whereas a normal post from months ago is getting a few views, the “Mark of the Beast” post received 177 recent views! Why?

I want to make something very clear … THAT POST IS UTTER NONSENSE. It’s just goofing around with numbers. The math is especially suspect. You can’t trust anyone’s math these days.

Obama Numbers sign

Okay, so according to snopes.com, that sign has been photoshopped. Still, kind of funny. This is supposedly the real one. You can tell because it has “REAL” superimposed over it.

Obama Numbers sign real

Hey, lady. Don’t make us choose.

Anyway, I find it disturbing that people are so interested in the “Mark of the Beast” as featured in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. That stuff isn’t real. The mess we are in is what’s all too real. The only statistical trend that matters is how many people vote on November 3rd for Joe Biden and other Democrats on the ballot. Hopefully, those numbers will add up to Make America Great Again. Uh-oh, let me run some numbers on that …



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