Disturbing Stats

I have found that the most popular blog posts I write involve food, travel, health & exercise. Everyone (including me!) is tired of political posts. We all know Trump is awful, and while you’ve been reading this sentence, he’s now done another terrible thing which is blah, blah, blah. I find that I need to write some political posts for personal cathartic reasons, and they barely get noticed … except for my post titled “It All Adds Up to the Mark of the Beast.” If you don’t recall it (And why would you? It was eminently forgettable), go ahead, click the link, and take a look. It’s number rubbish, because I’m a math geek, but I happened to notice a disturbing trend for that months-old post …

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It All Adds Up to the Mark of the Beast

A very learned, scholarly friend sent this to me.

MAGA Hat Bible

I summarily dismissed it as a clever meme, but utter nonsense. And then I took a closer look at the numbers using ancient secrets of numerology. My eyes were opened.

First, I assigned numbers to M A G A according to their position in the alphabet.

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Make America Smart Again

I know there are people who want America to be great again. I am thankful for that, because it really has been such a shitshow recently.  I am understandably a bit nervous since the people who have turned America into a shitshow are the same people promising to make America great again.

As for me, I just want America to be smarter. Case in point is this letter I received. This shows America in all its glorious dumbosity, not just in one way, but several that I will enumerate for you.

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Hats Off (due) to Trump

After just 1 week of the Trump Reich, I am sad to report that I think it is just about time to buy a Make America Great Again hat and start wearing it.

My current cap just doesn’t cut it anymore …


Now that Trump is steering us towards becoming a Western Russian state, I just don’t feel comfortable wearing it anymore. America WAS already great. Now after just 1 week of being Trumpified, there’s not so much greatness anymore. I may have to revert to my pre-election hat …


Although I don’t think I can wear a MAGA hat, I think now and for the next 4 years, it may be most appropriate.