Make America Smart Again

I know there are people who want America to be great again. I am thankful for that, because it really has been such a shitshow recently.  I am understandably a bit nervous since the people who have turned America into a shitshow are the same people promising to make America great again.

As for me, I just want America to be smarter. Case in point is this letter I received. This shows America in all its glorious dumbosity, not just in one way, but several that I will enumerate for you.


My business received this letter with nothing but a check inside paying for a past due invoice. Great! Except …

Problem #1 – The signed check inside did not have an amount shown. Having more morals than a recent SCOTUS nominee, I dutifully added the correct amount.

Problem #2 – I dutifully added the correct amount. Sigh!

Problem #3 – Three stamps were inexplicably used. One stamp is required for such a letter.

Problem #4 – The return address is in the stamp area and stamps are in the return address area. Therefore, the return address was canceled, but not the stamps. I have been able to successfully peel off three re-usable, non-canceled stamps.

I need to stop with the problems. As I type this, I have realized that the bottom line for me is positive. I collected on a past due invoice and gained three stamps. Maybe the sender hatched an ingenious plan to not only pay their old bill, but get me three free stamps as a ‘thank you’ for my patience. Maybe Betsy DeVos at the helm of the Department of Education is making America so smart that people are now able to hatch such diabolically ingenious plans that cheat the US Postal Service out of stamp usage. Nah. Most likely it was just a dumb mistake and America remains as dumb as Betsy DeVos and this blog.

Tomorrow – A long-awaited blog post of Polish News! Make your plans to miss it now.