Stop Laughing at Us

Hey World, stop laughing at us. We knew you’ve been doing it. We tried to ignore your titters and giggles at moments like this when Donald Trump showed off his tiny hands that could barely hold a bottle of water.

Trump drinking

Or when he looked directly at an eclipse with no eye protection.

eclipse no text

Or when the biggest cover-up in Washington, DC history gets exposed from time to time.

trump hair stairs

However, your sounds of mirth were often drowned out by your gasps of horror at times like these.

trump shove

Hey, spread out. All that was missing there were the face slaps.

3 stooges face slaps

And then there have been those awkward, uncomfortable moments when you don’t know if you should laugh or gasp. Lasp maybe?

Macron Trump handshake

But now you’ve done it. Representatives from the whole world, assembled in one place, are now laughing at us.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You know he has significantly diminished mental capacity, and yet you laugh. Don’t think we’ll forget this when we have a real President again. We’ll teach you a lesson for laughing at us. Maybe we will cancel some important treaties and agreements. Hmm, seems like we already did that. Or maybe we’ll slap some tariffs on your products. Oops, looks like we did that, too. Well, if you don’t stop laughing at us, maybe we just won’t impeach Trump. There, that’ll shut you up.