A Bad Math Joke

I’m exhausted here on the 11th of my 12 Days of Blogging. I can barely lift my fingers to type this post. Instead of a staccato rat-tat-tat on the keyboard, it is a legato click … click …click.

I am out of blogging ideas (never stopped me from blogging before), but I am in my fantasy football playoffs, and I noticed something very unusual that I figured I would share. In the first round of the playoffs, playoff seeds #1, #3, #5, & #7 won their first round games.

Hmm, seeds #1, #3, #5, & #7 advanced. I don’t know about you, but those numbers seem very odd to me.

Disturbing Stats

I have found that the most popular blog posts I write involve food, travel, health & exercise. Everyone (including me!) is tired of political posts. We all know Trump is awful, and while you’ve been reading this sentence, he’s now done another terrible thing which is blah, blah, blah. I find that I need to write some political posts for personal cathartic reasons, and they barely get noticed … except for my post titled “It All Adds Up to the Mark of the Beast.” If you don’t recall it (And why would you? It was eminently forgettable), go ahead, click the link, and take a look. It’s number rubbish, because I’m a math geek, but I happened to notice a disturbing trend for that months-old post …

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Math is Supposed to be More Precise Than This

I was a math major for 2 & 1/2 years in college until we started learning about number systems that don’t really exist except in theory. The voices in my head that don’t really exist except in my head seemed eager to try those theoretical number systems. That was a red flag for me. I immediately switched to a business major and doomed myself and career to selling products made with quality that only existed in theory.

However, what has stuck with me for lo these many years since college is the beautiful precision of mathematics and the gum from my dorm room floor. So I was appalled this holiday season when I took a look at this bottle of sparkling water we were serving …

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