Yesterday, while Democratic candidates were beating each other up in a debate, House Republicans on a retreat in Baltimore were listening to a rambling, repetitive diatribe from guest-slurrer Donald Trump. Yes, the same Baltimore that Trump decried as rat-infested. So, MadDog PAC and Twitter provocateur Claude Taylor (@TrueFactsStated) took their Trump Rat Truck to Baltimore to join the protests. Oh, they also embellished the street sign a bit.

Rat in Baltimore.JPG

I just bought one of those signs from MadDog PAC (you can too at and am looking for a landing spot on the Flanigan compound to proudly display it. The Baltimore Sun covered the event and the counter-protests. I read their article online mainly to see what they said about the Trump Rat Truck. However, in the course of reading the article, an ad came up. That’s normal, but this time the ad was just so apropos. The article was talking about House Republicans losing the majority in 2018, and this was the ad that followed …

Baltimore Sun

We are certainly going to try in 2020.

And while we are talking about trucks, I spotted this one rolling through the Twitterverse.

Truck computer

It all seems to make perfect sense to me, except when I saw this in the upper left corner.

Truck computer cropped

It is a call to action to combat the computers that give us all sorts of disease including cancer & the dreaded “benereal” disease (I wonder if there is a baccination shot for that?), track us with nano chips, and make us love dogs & cats. Except … I am supposed to spread the word … in the internet … using my computer? If I do that, next thing you know, there will be cats pooping in my toilet and I’ll love it.

cats toilet

No thank you. No computers for me. I’m playing it safe.