I’m Losing My Old Man Leg

Yes, the news is that I will lose my old man leg. Well, that sounds like an ominous way to start a blog post, doesn’t it? A couple days ago, I reported that I had developed an old man’s leg full of ulcerous sores. Ulcerous sores? Now there’s a good name for a band.  Anyway, I’m going to be losing my old man leg. Thankfully, not this way …

leg amputee

Despite my leg looking worse …

leg gross3

it is only a nasty case of poison ivy. It will heal and get better. I will eventually lose this old manish looking leg full of sores and soon sport a pair of beautiful gams again.


I even found the offending ivy back where I was working. Leaves of three, let it be!

Poison Ivy

Uh, I probably shouldn’t have picked that, right?


I is also for Idiot.