God Bless Twitter

I am so thankful for Twitter. Now I know how I want my Christmas lights to look this year …

Christmas Lights

Doesn’t that arouse inside of you a desire to come and see the climax of my Christmas decorating? But that’s not all the holiday decorating that Twitter has inspired.

Every year I do a Nativity on Ice, but it is always so difficult putting skates on the dog. Who else is going to play the role of the ass in the stable? Don’t answer that. Regardless, instead of a Nativity on Ice this season, thanks to Twitter, I am inspired to do …Nativity in ICE (custody).

Nativity ICE

Twitter also revealed that there is a brilliant good evil Twitter genius out there. Rudy Giuliani offered this tweet a few days ago.

Rudy Giuliani

It’s still there. If you tweet, check it out on Twitter. Now Twitter automatically creates a link for any string of characters that remotely resembles a website. That ‘G-20.In’ would never have been misidentified as a website if Rudy had just put a space after that period. But he didn’t, and Twitter thought that G-20.In was a link to a website in India. Except that it wasn’t. But thanks to that brilliant good evil Twitter genius out there, it is now. You can visit the G-20.In link here.

In case you are wary of visiting my links, here is what visiting G-20.In will get you …

But it’s more fun to click the link.

You really don’t have enough excitement in your life, so click the link.

Fight back against a staid existence. Click the damn link.

Fine, take the easy way.


While that is a very accurate message, it is not very festive. However, all this Rudy Giuliani tweeting has inspired me to work on a parody Christmas song. Keep your fingers crossed that I take my meds and don’t finish it so I can’t unleash it upon the world tomorrow. Say your prayers and stay tuned.



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