Stoned Fantasy

My Tired Winners family fantasy football team got back to its losing ways last weekend. Whew! The pressure of winning was unbearable and exhausting. I was loathe to abandon my Tired Winners logo. It suited me so well, at least the tired part.

Tired of Winning

But it was time to move on and a new target has recently emerged in the Russian investigation concerning Trump world. That target is GOP dirty trickster and former Trump adviser Roger Stone. To me, a logical team name appeared to be the Stoned Pinheads with one of these pics as a logo.

But I did not want to disparage pinheads, so I discarded the pinhead concept and considered this Roger Stone pic for inspiration.


Hey, nice lats Rog’. Yes, Roger Stone lifts weights, and has no problem taking off his shirt to show you his latissimus dorsi muscles and his Richard Nixon back tattoo. Ah, there we go. We have a team name. For this week, the name I chose for my family fantasy football team is the R Stone Back Tattoos with this logo.

roger-stone-back tattoo

I have since changed the name to the Stoned Back Tattoos. That has a better ring to me. Even though it doesn’t specifically identify that tattoo as Roger Stone’s, how many people have a Dick Nixon floating head tattooed on them?

I have a very special team name and logo saved for next weekend. Any guesses?