Fantasy Exhaustion

Last week, my family league’s fantasy football team’s perfect record was finally blemished. I should have expected nothing less than a blemished record from the Manfart’s Mugshots.

Manafort Mugshots

That’s right, my team, under the name Manafart’s Mugshots, finally won. My streak of losses to start the season has been broken. Too bad it was a win against my liberal niece from Colorado and not against one of my Trump-loving relatives.

I have changed the team name almost every week except for the week that I kept the Baby Blimps around for an extra one because of what I received in the mail. Spoiler alert – not a pipe bomb. Now where do we go from here for the team name and logo?

Inspired once again by Donald Trump and the promises he has made, I present to you …

the Tired Winners. Our team logo this week was going to be Trump or his family, but I can’t stand the sight of him anymore, so I went with this …

Tired of Winning

These days, I’m exhausted. As a Democratic Precinct Committeperson, I still have canvassing and phone calling to do before the election. Fantasy football is a fun diversion, but the length of the season exceeds my attention span, as do most TV commercials. I am ready for the season to be over, along with the election and Trump’s reign of terror once Democrats retake the House of Representatives.

Trump promised (threatened?) we would get tired of winning (open to interpretation) under his rule. Promise kept.

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