Fantasy Meets Reality

I decided to keep the Baby Blimps for one more week as the name and logo for my winless fantasy football team in my family’s league.

Baby blimp

Why? That’s an easy answer. I finally got to meet my team logo.

My Traitor Tot that I ordered arrived from Maddog PAC. That’s his official name. I call him the Baby Blimp and immediately fell for him like Trump does when he sees a shirtless Putin. My youngest daughter and I inflated our Baby Blimp and took him along on our car ride to visit my middle daughter in central Illinois, also known as Trump Country. He was obviously not happy about being relegated to the back seat, especially considering the magnet on the car door.

Traitor Tot1

The ride was long enough for my daughter and the Baby Blimp to take a little nap.

Traitor Nap

The Traitor Tot Baby Blimp was not good on the trip, especially when the windows were open. He was just not able to sit still. Our first stop was a Cracker Barrel, so we left him in the car as punishment, with the windows rolled up tight.

I loved our visit to Cracker Barrel. That is one restaurant where I can feel young and healthy compared to all the other patrons. The food was good and relatively inexpensive. Although I was a bit miffed when I took a close look at the crackers.

Crackers.JPGNotice the center cracker package contains only one cracker. I mean, the restaurant is named CRACKER Barrel. They should get the crackers right. But they were a good little snack for our ride home. Traitor Tot Baby Blimp got the package in the middle. Maybe that will teach him to sit still in the car.

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