Not Viral, but …

Several of my children were visiting a few days ago to celebrate one of their birthdays, although I swear that we celebrate more kid birthdays than the number of kids I have. I asked my eldest daughter who is Twitter-savvy about how many Likes or Retweets are needed for a tweet to be considered to have gone viral. She replied, “Thousands.”

The reason I asked is because of this tweet of mine …

My Tweet Likes

It caught me by surprise that 146 people would like this tweet because it is a fairly inconsequential tweeted response to Rep Eric Swalwell of California and the dude who runs MadDog PAC that sells great anti-Trump swag to fund anti-Trump billboards across the country. It is so inconsequential that I have elected not to even show the whole tweet. If you really want to see it, follow me on Twitter @jim_flanigan. I recommend against it.

But then, what really surprised me was this …

My Tweet Retweets

That’s right, 37 people showed poor enough judgement to retweet my words. If only they had read this blog first. Surprisingly, I picked-up another 2 followers of this blog on Twitter as a result. Imagine their disappointment when they read this as I proudly explain how 37 people out of 68 million active Twitter users in the USA retweeted my thoughts.

What is really important to me is that this tweet of mine may have been more popular than anything my older Twitter-savvy children have ever tweeted. No, it didn’t go viral, but do you think I can say it went runny-noseish? Maybe I can shoot for bacterial next time.

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