This Road Trip Feels Different

I am heading back on the road today, this time for business. As I pack, this trip feels different. I will no longer be travelling through the “land of the free and home of the brave” according to the Star-Spangled Banner. We now keep migrant children in cages, and Trump supporters fear them. Woody Guthrie wrote “This land is your land, this land is my land,” but that no longer applies. Thanks to the Trump Muslim ban being upheld by the Supreme Court, this land is not a land for Muslims any longer.

Will I do anything different this trip?

No. I will still look for amusing things to write about. I will still complete my business trip duties. But as we head into a holiday week next week, we will be doing some things differently.

This Saturday, my family and I will be out on a street corner nearby holding signs in support of “Families Belong Together” protests occurring across this nation. Sure, we could have headed to Chicago for the large rally, but I think it is important for people who live in a comfortable community like the one my family lives in to get a little uncomfortable and hear that we are holding kidnapped children in cages.

On Independence Day next week, we have decided not to fly the American flag. Unfurling our flag used to be an automatic reaction to a patriotic holiday at the Flanigan household. Not this year, and not until this treasonous Trump regime is deposed.

We may march in an Independence Day parade this year. I think we are leaning towards marching with a local group of activists called the Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice who protest just about everything Trump has done. They are my kind of folks.

We will carry on with the fight, because what else is there to do? We have just a little over four months left before we get the opportunity to sweep a bunch of traitors from office. Let’s not lose our focus on winning the war after losing a battle. We are so close that we cannot rest. As for Trump, I have a feeling his time in the barrel is coming soon, thanks to Robert Mueller.