Is Cheese a Breakfast?

Every month I visit the same company in St. Louis, and have never stayed in the hotel  just down the street from the company, until this trip. I think the reason I have avoided this hotel is because it has no pool and I wasn’t aware that this hotel chain was part of my travel rewards program. It still has no pool, but it turns out that it has been part of my travel rewards program only for the last 13 years. Huh. Oh, and no free breakfast is offered. Free breakfasts are an important part of my hotel stays since I tend to take enough food to stretch it well past breakfast in order to cover snacks throughout the day and even lunch.

At check-in, I was pleased to have been offered bonus travel program points, and then settled into my room. Imagine my delight upon seeing this …


That’s right, leftover free cheese in the fridge. My wife has definitely had an effect on me as I actually checked the expiration date on the cheese before eating it.


This was not real cheese, but what is normally labeled as a “cheese food.” That means that even if it was marked as expiring in December of 2016 rather than 2018, it would still be acceptable to me. That cheese food stuff does not go bad, except when it comes to the taste, even when fresh. Yuck. I somehow ate all six slices.

The cheese logs were a different story.


They tasted like real cheese of some sort (white?) and were quite tasty. This experience has generated some travel questions for me.

  • Does leftover free cheese equal a free breakfast?
  • Can I be guaranteed leftover free cheese every stay at this hotel?
  • If so, can I get real cheese and not cheese food?

Assuming I can get a cheese guarantee, all this hotel chain needs to do to get me to make this my regular St. Louis hotel is to maybe flood a room so I can use it as a pool.

flooded room.jpg


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