My Wife Has Forgotten the Concept of the Free Hotel Breakfast

Many years ago when we had just two kids, my wife and I wanted to take them to Disney World. One of the biggest problems was lack of cash. My wife rejected my idea of hitchhiking down to Florida, and suggested we stay at a modest hotel that offered a free breakfast as a way to save money. Wow, that sounded boring and full of common sense, but that’s what we did. At that free hotel breakfast, we not only ate our morning meal, but we squirreled away food in every pocket and bag we could bring to the breakfast area without arousing suspicion.

Marge coat with pockets

Those muffins, boxes of cereal, and fruit became our snacks at Disney throughout the day. After one day of walking a Disney theme park with my pants pocket soaked in grease, I stopped taking bacon.

With that history, I was surprised to see this yesterday morning after breakfast …

Hotel Food

My wife’s breakfast stash was one lonely apple. As you can see, I was stocking up for the coming apocalypse. Not only did my wife take just one apple, but she lost it somewhere during the day. I grudgingly shared with her one of my apples.

dog food

Even with that selfless act of kindness, I still had a banana left at the end of the day. Yes, that is a banana in my pocket and I am glad to be heading home today.


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