This Road Trip Feels Different

I am heading back on the road today, this time for business. As I pack, this trip feels different. I will no longer be travelling through the “land of the free and home of the brave” according to the Star-Spangled Banner. We now keep migrant children in cages, and Trump supporters fear them. Woody Guthrie wrote “This land is your land, this land is my land,” but that no longer applies. Thanks to the Trump Muslim ban being upheld by the Supreme Court, this land is not a land for Muslims any longer.

Will I do anything different this trip?

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War on Memorial Day

I found myself wishing business associates this past week that they have a “great holiday weekend.” Uh-oh. I didn’t say “Happy Memorial Day.” I hope I have not started a War on Memorial Day like there is on Christmas according to Donald Trump and Fox News. But Happy Memorial Day? That always seemed weird to me since Memorial Day is supposed to be a solemn day of remembrance for those who died while serving in the US Armed Forces. Instead, we get the grill fired up to char some meat, swill beer and yuk it up with friends and family. How solemn is that? Are people who do that unpatriotic? Yes, I think so. Anyone who engages in any non-solemn activity on Memorial Day is as unpatriotic as the NFL players who will be fined for taking a knee during the National Anthem at football games this upcoming season. Backyard grillers – I’m watching you. Beer drinkers – you are on notice. Joke tellers – knock it off. OK, I guess that covers 99% of the USA on Memorial Day. It might not hurt all of us to follow the lead of NFL players and take a knee on Memorial Day to remember those that have fallen in service to this country.

I’m happy to provide just a little background at no cost to you about taking a knee. Ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick met with Nate Boyer, a retired Green Beret who suggested that in the military, taking a knee is a sign of respect for the fallen. That’s why Kaepernick took a knee rather than sit. Fake News you say? Here’s Nate Boyer on CNN talking about it …

Looks to me like it may be unpatriotic to not take a knee.