Dumbest. Protests. Ever.

On 2 of the last 3 weekends, I have participated in dumb political rallies & marches. Three weekends ago, I spent untold seconds working on a sign, gathered with others on one of our local bridges, and rallied support to …

Voting rights. Of all things, freakin’ voting rights, guaranteed under the Constitution. Isn’t that the dumbest thing to have to rally for? Sure, we got some support, waves, and honks. But we also got plenty of thumbs down and middle fingers. How are they against voting rights? One guy with a bunch of cameras hanging around his neck (btw, who does that anymore when phones take such excellent pics?) loped past me mouth-breathing and muttering under his breath. As he passed my sign, he sputtered, “Protect the Constitution.” I politely reminded him that voting rights were protected by the Constitution and amendments to it. And then he was off. He told me that the voting rights bills that Democrats were trying to get passed into law would allow illegal aliens to vote. I assured him that neither of the main voting rights bills being considered would allow that and suggested he read the bills. He replied, “F#@%in’ Democrats.” That’s typically how it goes. Present the opposition with facts, and the obscenities start to fly.

One other interaction stood out. As a car drove by, the driver leaned out the window and yelled, “F#@%in’ Jews.” Profane and racist. Nice combo. If we were Jews, he needs to be more careful. Doesn’t he listen to fellow conservative conspiracy crackpot Marjorie Taylor Greene with her theory about Jews having space lasers that she claims started California wildfires? Maybe those space lasers can be focused to incinerate a passing car spewing obscenities. All I need to do is give my buddy George Soros a call to get some space laser action sent my way.

That rally was dumb enough. But then this past weekend, we rallied and marched for …

Women’s reproductive rights. Is this 1973 or 2021? Women have had control over their reproductive rights for almost 50 years here in the US, and now, depending on the state they live in, they don’t any longer. This is insane. So, march we must and march we did in the rain.

I went all out and spent a lot of time to change my Protect Voting Rights sign to Protect Women’s Rights.

You can see me holding my crappy sign way in the back, where men should be when it comes to any discussion of women’s reproductive rights.

Those are the local Democrats who traveled along with me from a few towns over for the rally and march. I love them all, even the guy holding the sign upside down.

But there were better signs. This one was my favorite by far.

I think the faux Bible verse is a brilliant touch.

I did jokingly tell the holder of this sign that it was offensive to me.

But that’s just the mediocre man in me talking.

Yeah, these were dumb rallies and marches to have to attend in 2021, but sadly, they are necessary. They are necessary because the opposition these days is full of people like the ones spoofed in this Saturday Night Live skit.

I’ve been to our local school board meetings recently, because we have a daughter in middle school. I swear to you that I have seen many of the speakers in the SNL skit at our real school board meetings. So, that’s why we need to continue to rally, fight for what’s right, and march. Maybe in another 50 years or so, that won’t be needed. Unfortunately, history says otherwise.


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