Freezing for Democracy

I attended a rally for democracy yesterday on the anniversary of the January 6th Capitol insurrection. In the past, I blogged that rallying for voting rights was dumb, but having to rally to solicit support for democracy sounds even dumber to me. But there I was yesterday, in single digit cold temps, on a bridge with no feeling in my fingers or toes. Now those single digit temps were in Fahrenheit. In Celsius, it was around -12 or -13, which seems even colder to me. However, in Kelvin it was a balmy 260. I want to live in a Kelvin world NOW.

Anyhoo, we got plenty of support, but there were the usual middle fingers thrown our way and “Let’s go, Brandon” yells. Hey buddy, Brandon won. But the oddest comment was someone who yelled that democracy leads to communism. Is that the latest “logic” from Fox News?

I am a bit upset about my picture making the local newspaper. Take a look.

I swear to God that’s really me behind the woman with the flag. By the way, I like to see flags at our rallies. Who gave Republicans the exclusive rights to appropriate the flag for their use in flying tattered versions from the beds of their pick-up trucks or wearing them as bikinis?

Oops, wrong flag. And what is going on in that pic? Never mind. I don’t want to know. None of my business. Move along.

What upset me is the local newspaper used my picture without a signed release from me or renumeration of any sort. As an elected official, I am somewhat of a local D list celebrity. I am sure that the local newspaper wanted to use a picture of me to send their subscriptions soaring. What better way to do that then to take a picture of someone else with me “accidentally” photo-bombing their pic? However, I am a shy, retiring person who values my privacy.

Editor’s Note: False. Jim is an attention whore. Evidence? This stupid blog.

Will my lawyer be in touch with the local paper regarding damages? Unfortunately, Rudy Giuliani is busy these days defending himself. So, I have decided to let this newspaper’s faux pas slide. Besides, at least the pic proves to my wife that I went to the rally and not down to the local pub.


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