All Decked Out

On Wednesday evening, I biked about 1 mile over to a stranger’s house, helped myself to an adult beverage from their cooler and settled into a comfy couch on their back deck. The homeowner let me stay and even offered me snacks! The reason is simple.

The stranger and I are united in purpose, and we are strangers no more. I had even invited more strangers via email. Yes, I had their emails due to a fundraiser for which they bought tickets, but they were just names on a computer screen to me until we came together Wednesday night. We gathered together as mostly strangers, and left united in our cause to elect Democrats in November.

The homeowner had offered her back deck so that a Democratic candidate for the  Illinois State Senate could meet some people in the District, rally some support and volunteers, and raise some money. And raise money she did. We had a little fundraiser a month ago for which I was a ticket whore. Some us from the local Democratic party took this opportunity to present this candidate with a check for $500. It turns out that I whored tickets well.


One person was there Wednesday evening because he doesn’t want his two young daughters to grow up in a land that incarcerates children as young as his own. Another was there because her adult son needs affordable healthcare due to a pre-existing condition. Another was there because she is an environmentalist and wants to preserve this beautiful land while Republicans seek to turn it over to industry interests to use and abuse. Another was there because he has been on the political front line for decades, often battling alone in this very Republican area. Now he has some back-up. Why was I there? Well, the adult beverages and the snacks didn’t hurt.

Regardless of the reasons for attending, I was encouraged by the turnout, the interest, and the opportunity that presents itself in November. We have an opportunity to say “NO!” to Donald Trump and his Republican party in less than five months. I think we will take full advantage of that opportunity and set a course for this nation back on the path to normalcy. In the meantime, I am willing to drink and eat on your back deck for a good cause like that.