In Defense of Michael Cohen

The latest news is that Michael Cohen’s lawyers have quit, allegedly due to a disagreement over fees. Who would have ever guessed that Donald Trump’s lawyer would not pay his bills? I guess the rotten apple doesn’t fall too far from Trump Tower.

But why not save a ton of money and just represent himself if he’s a lawyer? Oh right, he got his degree from the Thomas Cooley Law School which was recently mentioned by Politico as being the worst law school in the US. Regardless, it isn’t going to take much lawyering to plead guilty to the rock-solid case the feds are preparing against him.

With all that said, I have decided to contribute to Michael Cohen’s legal defense fund, on 1 giant condition …

The condition is that Michael Cohen hire this guy …

giuliani hannity main (1)

as his lead attorney going forward. That’s right, hire Rudy Giuliani and I am all in defending Michael Cohen. Rudy’s act is comedy gold, and I would love to see him balance defending Trump and Cohen after Cohen flips.