Get Some Counseling

I’m going to cut Donald Trump some slack on this tweet from early this morning …
Trump Tweet council Original Blue

Although I circled 5 errors, I am willing to give the guy a break. He was up early, working hard, tweeting away. Mistakes happen. They just seem to happen everyday, multiple times per day to Trump. Just FYI, although Trump has referred to himself in the third person before, in this tweet he was trying to quote scumbag lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Sorry, alleged scumbag lawyer Alan Dershowitz. To his credit, Trump corrected the tweet. Here is the “corrected” version …

Trump Tweet Council Corrected

OK, so 40% corrected. That’s not bad. In baseball, hitting .400 means punching your ticket to the Hall of Fame. In basketball, shooting .400 from the 3 point line can mean an NBA career. For Betsy DeVos, a 40% graduation rate from one of her charter schools would be a huge success.

But really, should Trump have trouble spelling the title of the man who has investigated him for the past 10 or so months? Special COUNSEL, not Council.

Here’s a mnemonic device that Trump can use to remember how to spell counsel.  All Trump needs to do is to remember that a Special Counsel investigates a Treasonweasel like him. Sorry, but I have no suggestions for Trump as to how to remember how to spell mnemonic.

He may never learn, but at least he’s making progress. Here’s an older tweet from many months ago.

Trump Tweet Councel

At least he is using actual words now. Not correctly, but council is an actual word. Councel? Not so much. But when dealing with a national embarrassment like Trump, I consider Special Council to be progress, and I hope the Special Counsel continues to make progress.