I Won?

I won my uncontested race to be the Democratic Precinct Committeeman in the 8th Precinct of St Charles Township. And I feel I should add … No Collusion!

pc Race Blue

If I won, who lost. Oh right, anyone who lives in my precinct. Is it too early to demand a recount?

I was really hoping for a strong write-in campaign from some mystery opponent, but most people in my precinct are too smart to run for this position, except for my Republican counterpart Precinct Committeeman …

PC Race Red

Wait, what? He got 157 votes to my 153? We don’t ever actually run against each other, but the numbers are encouragingly revealing. The St Charles 8th Precinct is an overwhelmingly Republican precinct. When I used the Vote Builder software to identify voters in the 8th Precinct that are categorized as Leaning Democrat or Strong Democrat, I found that out of the 1203 registered voters, 181 were identified as Democrats, right about 15%. Because participation in primary elections is normally so low, my goal was a modest 50 votes from those 181 identified potential Democratic voters. Somehow, I received 3 times that amount, and came close to matching my Republican counterpart’s total. Republican Mark Davoust is a local political powerhouse who is also a Kane County Board Member. He even gets paid for doing that. Is this tangible evidence of a Blue Wave rising at a very, very local level? I sure hope so. I know it doesn’t have much to do with me and my meager efforts.

Although Democratic Precinct Committeeman is an unpaid position, those 153 votes I received will buy me lots of very local political clout among St Charles Democrats. That actually seems sort of sad as I type that. I get 153 votes at the upcoming Kane County Democratic Convention next month. I may as well get it out now … I have low scruples and my votes can be bought. I would be so perfect as a Republican.

Seriously, I don’t expect much drama or competition at the Kane County Convention and my 153 votes won’t make much of a difference as people volunteer to do a lot of work in unpaid positions as Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, etc. But then I am told we will quorum (I honestly don’t know how to quorum) and elect similar positions for the St Charles Democrats. My 153 votes will actually be important. My precinct showed the highest turnout of any in St Charles, and my 153 votes is the 3rd highest vote total among St Charles Democratic precincts. My votes will matter. Just call me by my new name … Kingmaker. But I have a different nickname in mind.

I have blogged about my short term political goals before. Sergeant at Arms (bouncer) for the St Charles Democrats is my goal. That plum unpaid position could be mine after we quorum and then clean-up the resulting quorum mess. Sergeant Flanigan has quite the ring to it. Just call me Sarge. And why isn’t Serge the nickname for Sergeant? Too French? Whatever. I’m really just looking for that military pension. I will qualify after my term as a Sergeant at Arms, won’t I?