Donald Trump is my Shower Buddy

Before we get to Trump & I showering together, I am pleased to report that we have somehow survived our first week with our new puppy named Lola, no thanks to Lola. She’s an incredible amount of work, but she is awfully cute …


Lola had a little something to do with that shower I took with Trump.

I wasn’t actually in the same shower with Donald Trump, but we have heard all about the alleged pee tape that I really, really do hope exists. I don’t want to actually see it, but I do want confirmation (as if we don’t have enough already) that he is really a messed-up excuse for a human being.

I experienced my first and second and hopefully last golden shower thanks to Lola the puppy. She was really young at 7 weeks old when we got her. We expected too much of her little bladder. Yes, she did make it for several hours at night without peeing in her crate, but after I picked her up, that was too much. I was christened. The next night, I got her a bit earlier, but again a golden shower for me followed golden slumber for her. It was like picking up a water balloon that had been tossed one too many times. I solved the problem the next night. My wife got her.

After 30+ years of dog ownership and still in the process of raising 5 kids, I am somewhat inured to gross things. The golden shower happened the same day I found I had dried dog vomit in the old slipper I had been wearing all day.


Oh well, at least I didn’t step in it.

And as for Lola, I think she doesn’t want me to feel too much of a kinship with Trump, so she hasn’t peed on me recently. She’s too busy being cute while she works a little on her bark …

Lola Bark