Dog of a Name for Name of a Dog

We’re getting a puppy. Ready? 1 … 2 … 3 … awwwww.


It is a standard poodle. I wanted a sub-standard poodle since I thought that would be less expensive, but I lost that battle.

Anyway, now comes the battle over the name.

Our current dog is named Gus, but technically Guster after the musical group of the same name. I like music. I like Guster’s music. I like Guster as the name of our dog. That worked out well. The challenge for me is to see if I can get a musical name for the new puppy.

It initially seemed like it wouldn’t be too difficult. The first 2 names from my wife and youngest daughter were Lola and Roxy. Lola is a famous song by the Kinks, a group I am very fond of and have seen in concert with a girl that kept telling me she didn’t know any of the songs they were playing. Great fun. Roxy Music is another favorite band that I also saw in concert, but with friends appreciative of their exquisite music. So we’re done. Lola or Roxy? That was easy, right? Wrong! They have continued to come up with other names. I had to combat those other names with an alternate strategy.

My strategy involved offering 2 other names that I “really liked.” One was Phaedra. Per Wikipedia …

In Greek mythology, Phaedra is the daughter of Minos and Pasiphaë, wife of Theseus, sister of Ariadne, and the mother of Demophon of Athens and Acamas. Phaedra’s name derives from the Greek word φαιδρός, which meant “bright”.

I actually do sort of like the name Phaedra, but I knew nobody else would. They would surely run screaming back to the safety of Lola and Roxy. Next name was Xena, as in the TV warrior princess character that Lucy Lawless played back in the day. Xena actually made some list of Top 100 Female Dog Names, checking in at the 97 spot. I also do really like the name Xena, but I knew that a dog name starting with the letter X, but sounding like it starts with a Z, would be roundly rejected.

Time is running out. The puppy can hear now and needs a name to which it can respond. Can I continue to throw out red herring names (BTW, Red Herring is a good name for a band, but a terrible name for a dog) in an effort to get Lola or Roxy chosen? Stay tuned.


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