Flies On Washington Walls #116 – Special Multi-Panel Commemorative Trump-Putin Summit Edition

We are appreciative of our intrepid Flies On Washington Walls who stowed away on Air Force One so they could sit in on the Trump-Putin Summit.

FOWW #116a Putin Summit

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Steele Dossier Proven!

UK agent Christopher Steele’s famous salacious dossier has been pooh-poohed universally by Donald Trump and Republicans. One of the things critics point to in order to discredit the dossier is the story about the Russian prostitutes and the golden showers. But finally, we have visual proof of Trump’s depravity.

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Donald Trump is my Shower Buddy

Before we get to Trump & I showering together, I am pleased to report that we have somehow survived our first week with our new puppy named Lola, no thanks to Lola. She’s an incredible amount of work, but she is awfully cute …


Lola had a little something to do with that shower I took with Trump.

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