The Proof is in Your Sticker

I voted early in the Illinois primary. See, I have proof. I have a sticker.

Vote Early

I voted with my middle daughter, which I thought was kinda’ cool. I did tell her it was a crime if she didn’t take a sticker. She bought it!

It also felt weird, but good, to be voting with one of my kids. How did she get to be 21 and why do I still have a much younger daughter not even in double-digits yet in age? What felt even weirder was knowing that she voted for me.

That’s right, I did make the ballot. No, I didn’t take a pic of my ballot like village idiot Eric Trump did in 2016.

eric-trump ballot

Yep, that’s illegal. I am sure he’ll be punished for this crime after the Trump Crime Family is punished first for all the serious crimes they have committed.

I didn’t even sneak a peek at my daughter’s ballot. I trust her to vote her heart and conscience, unlike some people.

Trump peeks at ballot.jpg

Hey Trump, no copying!

I did print out a sample ballot (very legal), and there I am, running for an unpaid position that nobody wants.


After much thought and contemplation, I did vote for myself, despite knowing that there are better candidates out there. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to do a write-in candidate using an electronic ballot. Oh well, I can always resign in disgrace, so I’m keeping that in my back pocket.