Trump Cover-up Revealed!

Once again, the crack investigative team from Jim Flanigan Looks at the World is able to uncover a story about Donald Trump sweeping evidence under the rug as we comb through his strands of deception to reveal his bald-faced lies. I think we are finally starting to weave our way through Donald Trump’s elaborately arranged cover-up, and here’s the evidence …

hair coverup

If this is true, there will be hell toupee.

3 thoughts on “Trump Cover-up Revealed!

  1. Hey Jim, Man, this is really clever. Does your mind just think of these things randomly? Must be a whirlwind inside your head. Hopefully he will be the one paying the hell and soon. Thanks, Mary Ellen

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  2. The mental health officials that are assigned to me describe inside my head more as a Sharknado than whirlwind. Thanks for reading and commenting. However, I take more joy in my recent spife post than in this post about this moron.


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