Hairtfelt Gratitude

As I gave myself a haircut before I went on a very short business trip this week, I found myself incredibly grateful that I don’t have much hair to cut. Over the holidays, I was at a party listening to hirsute-headed friends talking about paying $90 and $125 to have their magnificent locks of hair cut. What could possibly be included with a $125 “haircut?” Maybe where they burn the hair off rather than cutting?

Well, whatever it includes, I’m sure it doesn’t include me. I’m feeling incredibly grateful that I can cut the remaining hair I have myself, because if I had a full head of hair, I would not be able to afford one of them $125 haircuts.

Maybe I could try a Flowbee …

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Send in the Clones

Not sure what was up with the four bald dudes (bad name for a barbershop quartet) with Trump at yesterday’s press briefing on border security.

bald clones2

And did they miss a major portion of Trump’s head & face with the orange make-up or tanning cream or Cheeto dust or whatever he uses to get that unnatural burnt orange hue?

bald clones trump color.v1 (1)

Maybe we should demand he get his make-up correct before we consider giving him 5 billion dollars for a border wall.



Bald-Faced Truth

We have a beautiful dog.

Lola cut

She’s got some issues. One issue is that she scratches and bites herself … A LOT! It could be from mites, allergies (Mite Be Allergic), the environment, hormones, etc. In other words, our vet has no idea. She actually has some bald spots now. I feel for her as I do, too. My wife is making me very uncomfortable with all her talk about how bad the bald spots on the dog look. It is hitting too close to home. Sure, I don’t scratch and bite my hair out, but still, I’m a bit touchy.

And then I saw White House Nazi Stephen Miller on Face The Nation this past Sunday morning. He is a known baldy, but he looked very different this time. Take a look. Before is on the left and Face The Nation Stephen Miller is on the right.

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Hair Raising Days

If I were Donald Trump, these last couple days would be terrifying. Perhaps some would even describe these days as hair raising.

OK, so that’s just ridiculous. Can I make a suggestion? This White House thing doesn’t seem to be working out. It’s only a matter of time before Trump is looking for a new gig. The band Flock of Seagulls is still touring. The front man and lead singer for FOS used to look like this …

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Trump Cover-up Revealed!

Once again, the crack investigative team from Jim Flanigan Looks at the World is able to uncover a story about Donald Trump sweeping evidence under the rug as we comb through his strands of deception to reveal his bald-faced lies. I think we are finally starting to weave our way through Donald Trump’s elaborately arranged cover-up, and here’s the evidence …

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