Happy Flynn Flip Friday!

It’s my birthday today, but nobody cares, including me. My birthday is being completely overshadowed by Flynn Flip Friday which is fine by me. I wasn’t surprised or even upset that the first (and maybe last) annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on my birthday eve under Trump literally drew tens of people to it …

Tree lighting

OK, so maybe a hundred or so, but certainly not the packed crowds with waiting lists that the Obama era experienced. That didn’t bother me because on my birthday eve, I had a lovely bedtime story from the NY Times to read all about Trump obstructing justice …

After going to sleep with a smile on my face (from reading the story, not from the naughty stuff running through your filthy minds), I awoke to Flynn Flip Friday, formerly known as my birthday. Flynn may never serve any prison time after pleading guilty to the lightest possible charge of lying to the FBI, considering all of what he actually did. I am sure Robert Mueller has extracted the testimony he needs from Flynn to nail the treasonweasels higher up in the White House. While no prison for Flynn would be fine with me as long as he gives Mueller what he needs, I would certainly appreciate the irony of the guy who lead the chants of “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail actually being locked up.

And speaking of Hillary, if I enjoyed this Flynn Flip Friday as much as I did, I wonder how much Hillary liked it?

Hillary Popcorn

That seems about right. And then James Comey offered the perfect tweet for the day …

Comey Tweet amos

Comey is a great Twitter follow, although I enjoyed Comey’s tweets more when he was tweeting under the nom de plume of Reinhold Niebuhr, the famous Christian theologian who graduated from my alma mater, Elmhurst College, in 1910. His tweets as Niebuhr just seemed more clandestine and exciting since we knew it was Comey behind his Niebuhr disguise.

Happy Flynn Flip Friday to all as December 1st will forever be remembered. I am happy to sacrifice my birthday to honor the real beginning of the fall of the Trump empire. At my age, I don’t need any more birthdays, and more importantly, I need a lot less Trump.