Flies On Washington Walls #168

FOWW #168 White House


My Vacation Water Rescue

Sure, I helped in a water rescue while on vacation. It was nothing. No need to heap praise or adulation on me. A key to the city might be nice, but I’m not pushing for it.

My wife had used a painful foot injury as a lame (pun intended) excuse to avoid shopping with relatives. So I was in downtown Grand Ledge, Michigan walking endlessly from shop to shop while looking for something sharp to purchase and thrust into my heart.

Part of the group I was with took a break from the excitement of shopping to walk along the river. My grand-niece commented that a man was calling 911. On us? I went to confront him and cause a scene. Anything to get out of more shopping to come.

He was calling 911 since there was a riding mower in the river.


Unfortunately …

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The Doctor Will See Us Now

On the same day that Donald Trump is getting his first official White House physical exam, I was getting my head examined early this morning. Something about that seems a bit backwards. Regardless, I had an MRI brain scan today. I am really hoping they found something up there.

This all came about because of my recent head injury. Five weeks later, I still have remnants of a black eye, a sizable knot on my cheek, and a confused mind, although that confused mind may go back years before my head injury.

So what happened? I fainted. I fell. I face-planted. Why? Well, my blood tests checked out fine. My 24 hour heart monitor test was fine, although I may have cheated a bit when I connected it to a metronome for an hour when I wanted to take a soak in the hot tub. My stress test was fine. So now they wanted to look to see if they could find a reason for my fall hiding in the old attic.

As I lay on the table, I wondered how Donald Trump could ever get an MRI brain scan in a machine like this …

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Happy Flynn Flip Friday!

It’s my birthday today, but nobody cares, including me. My birthday is being completely overshadowed by Flynn Flip Friday which is fine by me. I wasn’t surprised or even upset that the first (and maybe last) annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on my birthday eve under Trump literally drew tens of people to it …

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Happy James Comey Day!

The long-awaited day is finally here, along with news that Melania and Barron Trump will be moving into the White House on June 14th. This is really odd news considering that James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Committee today all but guarantees that Donald Trump will be moving out of the White House soon. Upon reflection, maybe that’s why she’s moving in.

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