Happy Flynn Flip Friday!

It’s my birthday today, but nobody cares, including me. My birthday is being completely overshadowed by Flynn Flip Friday which is fine by me. I wasn’t surprised or even upset that the first (and maybe last) annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on my birthday eve under Trump literally drew tens of people to it …

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And with a late round pick in the Kremlingate legal draft, Robert Mueller selects …

Kremlingate Special Counsel Robert Mueller just hired Michael Dreeben to join his investigative team, although his addition may signal the team turning from investigative to more prosecutorial now.

From the Washington Post, “Michael is the most brilliant and most knowledgeable federal criminal lawyer in America — period,” said Walter Dellinger, a law professor at Duke University School of Law and acting solicitor general for the 1996-1997 term of the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump, “Uh-oh.”

The WaPo continues, “Dreeben is 1 of the top legal & appellate minds at DOJ in modern times,” former Manhattan U.S. attorney Preet Bharara tweeted after learning of Mueller’s recruitment of Dreeben.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has this guy in his corner …

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Welcome Back

I was sooooooooooooooo disappointed with the James Comey testimony yesterday at the Senate Committee hearing. Where was the Donald Trump live tweeting that was floated as a possibility? It was almost 48 hours between tweets for Trump and none live when Comey was testifying. And now, this is the first tweet we get as we welcome Trump back to the twitterverse …

Trump Tweet Vindication

Based on that twisted tweet, it appears that Trump may have asked Senator John McCain to explain to him about what actually went on at the Comey Senate Committee hearing. I’m just surprised that he didn’t mention Crooked Hillary and call to Lock Her Up.


Happy James Comey Day!

The long-awaited day is finally here, along with news that Melania and Barron Trump will be moving into the White House on June 14th. This is really odd news considering that James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Committee today all but guarantees that Donald Trump will be moving out of the White House soon. Upon reflection, maybe that’s why she’s moving in.

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When the opening acts are as good or better than the headliner …

Happy James Comey Day Eve. All of us are anxiously awaiting the big show tomorrow as James Comey is scheduled to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. That will indeed be a notable event in history as the gears of justice slowly grind together to remove traitors from elected and appointed positions in the government of the USA.

But do not overlook the opening acts … the under-card … the appetizers … the foreplay … the preface in a book … the reading of Miranda Rights before an arrest … the clouds before a storm … the feeling of bloat before a belch … the shrinking of genitals before a cold swim … the cramming before a test … the drugging before a date with Bill Cosby …

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Happy James Comey Week, I Hope

As former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony looms, I feel like a kid the week before Christmas who is expecting a new bike under the tree on Christmas morning. I just have to get that new bike. Right now I feel like I’m riding a girl’s coaster bike with a hot pink seat. James Comey’s testimony on Thursday will be that cool new BMX bike waiting for me on Christmas morning. However, all the time running through the back of my mind is the fear that rather than the BMX bike, I’ll get clothes, heavy on the underwear.

Trump Ruins Another Blog Post

Ugh, this idiot Trump ruined another one of my childish blog posts scheduled for publication tonight. It wasn’t much of a post. It was just a pic of real Trump tweets in chronological order crying about the Russia investigations, Sally Yates and James Clapper. At the end, I added a fake Trump tweet for comic effect. Here it is …

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