Comey to Continue Clinton Investigation

FBI Director James Comey just announced today that the investigation into Hillary Clinton will continue.

Comey clarified that although she has been cleared of all wrongdoing and will not be prosecuted for any email mishandling, there is still more to the ongoing investigation.


While investigating her emails, the FBI uncovered that while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she had a private fax machine and received or sent a total of 8 faxes during her tenure.

Despite Clinton’s claims that the faxes were related to a disputed cable bill and some were part of a recipe exchange club, Comey assured the American public that he would determine if that cable bill or any of the recipes that were exchanged were classified.

In addition, Secretary Clinton’s personal diaries have also been subpoenaed for review. The FBI is looking specifically for one labeled “Classified Government Secrets.”


And finally, all wastebaskets in the Clinton residence have been taken as evidence as part of the investigation. Comey committed to the American public that all small, crumpled bits of paper will be thoroughly examined.


If it looks suspicious, it may be a government secret, or an old grocery list.