I wonder if the FBI found any of Hillary’s emails or Hunter Biden’s laptop when they raided Trump’s house last night.

Hello, Neighbor

Our internet tends to be annoyingly spotty at times. As soon as this isolation is over, we’ll be changing internet providers. So, occasionally I must click on my computer to see what’s up with the internet connection. In the past, I’ve spotted the FBI with a van in the neighborhood.


Should that really be discoverable? Isn’t that a tip-off to criminals that the FBI may be coming, so flush the drugs? Not that I would know anything about that.

The other day I was again trying to see what’s up with the internet. This really got my attention.

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No WiFi For Me

It was so cold here in the Chicago area that our internet didn’t work for a day and a half. Really. As I checked on available wifi (like maybe a neighbor that does not require a security password), I saw this …


Hmmm, Claney is a neighbor. OfficeJet 4650 is some printer. And FBI Surveilance Van is misspelled. Sorry, that should be Surveillance. Wait a second, what the what? What is an FBI Surveillance Van doing in my neighborhood? Is the Heating and Cooling van across the street housing the FBI? How about that UPS truck? How about our mailman in his mail van? Is that a gun in his pocket or is he just happy to be delivering my Popular Blogging magazine?

As I checked on wifi access during the day and a half of internet abstinence, the FBI Surveillance Van wifi came and went. I tried to access their wifi, but no luck. I wonder if they are cruising the neighborhood trying to find out who is trying to access their wifi. I hope they didn’t waste a FISA warrant on me. They will be very disappointed. All my subversive activities are published on this blog and Twitter. Just follow. If they do come for me, I am ready with my defense … No collusion.


Based on the recent Brett Kavanaugh FBI “investigation,” I think the dictionary definition of FBI needs to be amended just a bit. I have added some additional spellings in red to the dictionary definition below.


Examples Word Origin
U.S. Government.
  1. Federal Bureau of Investigation: the federal agency charged with investigations for the Attorney General and with safeguarding national security.

Alternate spellings: FSB and GRU

Outdated spelling: KGB


Happy James Comey Week, I Hope

As former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony looms, I feel like a kid the week before Christmas who is expecting a new bike under the tree on Christmas morning. I just have to get that new bike. Right now I feel like I’m riding a girl’s coaster bike with a hot pink seat. James Comey’s testimony on Thursday will be that cool new BMX bike waiting for me on Christmas morning. However, all the time running through the back of my mind is the fear that rather than the BMX bike, I’ll get clothes, heavy on the underwear.

The Flynn Flam Man

“Yeah, so a couple things, the very last thing that John Podesta just said is no individual too big to jail, that should include people like Hillary Clinton. I mean, five people around her have had, have been given immunity, to include her former Chief of Staff. When you are given immunity, that means that you have probably committed a crime.” – General Mike Flynn on Meet The Press, September 25, 2016.

On March 30, 2017, the now disgraced former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn requested immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony to the FBI and Congress.

Trump supporters can come to only one conclusion …

Hillary should be in jail for her emails!

Finally, A Candidate With a Plan for US Troops

Mike Huckabee is trying to distance himself from the other Republican candidates with a specific plan for US Armed Forces and maybe even the FBI. Sure, he may go after ISIS and certainly Iran is on his radar.  But there is another enemy …

“We’ll see when I’m president.”

— Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) July 30, 2015

Well, finally we will be able to see an excellent use of US Troops …
pitted against licensed medical professionals.