Trump or Treat!

Just in time for Halloween, the online store is hawking these ghoulish goodies …

Trump shop

Looking to scare the trick-or-treaters this Halloween? Put this snarling visage in your window.

Trump shop1

Who would be awarded this medal? A last place finisher?

I knew it was only time before Trump would put his picture on a MAGA hat.

Trump Shop2

I see they made a small mistake in the hat’s description which I took the liberty of correcting.

Finally, if you have decided on a BDSM-themed costume for Halloween, make sure you grab one of these Trump-Pence dog collars.

Trump shop3

Is it wrong for two men to have a dog collar named after them?

Trump pence walk with leash

Hey Donald, tighten that collar up just a bit or Pence may get away from you. And Mommy says he likes it tight!

Editor’s Note: Sadly, this is not a satirical piece (except for this last pic), and all items are really for sale from Trump’s online store. Sigh!


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