Fake News Exposed

There was a time, way back in 2016, when satire was possible. Satire is fake news, but we all know it is fake news being played for laughs or ironic effect. We chuckle. We guffaw. At times, we just smile wryly while suppressing a chortle inside. I sensed a problem once Trump grabbed hold of this nation’s neck with as much as his tiny little hands could hold and nobody could tell my satirical fake news from reality anymore. And now this news story I saw today …


That’s a headline from today’s news with the real picture of Rex Tillerson’s meeting in Afghanistan yesterday on the left. On the right, is the State Department’s initial released photo with the clock cropped out. Not a big deal, right? Maybe the clock wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, or maybe it was set wrong, or maybe the type of clock shown is a dead giveaway that the meeting took place on a safe military base rather than in the dangerous capital of Kabul where the State Department initially said it did.  Honest mistakes, right? Or perhaps the State Department is following in Trump’s footsteps trying to cover-up the fact that the situation in Afghanistan is rapidly deteriorating.

After the ruse was discovered, the State Department cleared things up by changing their statement to reflect the meeting taking place at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

State Dept Tweet

As for the picture with the missing clock, well that was fixed by replacing the original pic with one that was cropped so we didn’t have to look at that darn clock or the empty space where it was photoshopped out …


By the way, the State Department uses flickr.com to host their photos. I wasn’t aware that anyone used flickr anymore, especially a government department that may want a site to more securely host their photos.

Yes, fake news is a huge problem, but most of the fake news today has the Trump stink on it. As an easy reminder of what is fake and what is real, let this pic be your guide …



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