Ban Beards, not Music

I was dismayed when a friend texted me that beards were once again being required by the Taliban in Afghanistan. I cranked up my old aol search engine (diesel fuel only, please) and found this headline on the world wide interweb.

Not just mandatory beards, but also a music ban! I’ll have you know that my New Music for Old Rockers blog feature ranks #63 in Afghanistan! I may have to work in more beard-related posts to stay relevant there. I do understand the beard edict. Beards look so awesome when you’re a Taliban fighter taking a boating selfie.

Not! I guess I get it just a bit. The Taliban wants beards, but they don’t want bearded people being negatively influenced by rock and/or roll and becoming like this jerk.

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Fake News Exposed

There was a time, way back in 2016, when satire was possible. Satire is fake news, but we all know it is fake news being played for laughs or ironic effect. We chuckle. We guffaw. At times, we just smile wryly while suppressing a chortle inside. I sensed a problem once Trump grabbed hold of this nation’s neck with as much as his tiny little hands could hold and nobody could tell my satirical fake news from reality anymore. And now this news story I saw today …

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