New Music for Old Rockers – The Two Faces of Hush

I have a friend and reader of this blog (and therefore, waster of time) who wrote a great song decades ago, but won’t record it. Why? Because Styx stole the title for this sappy song.

I have tried to convince my friend that it doesn’t matter that Styx pilfered his title. His song is superior. Record it, put it up on YouTube, and I am sure in no time it will surpass the 4,205,467 views the Styx music video has. It is really okay to reuse a song title. Here’s a great example.

This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite groups that still sounded great in concert when I saw them a few years back.

Don’t be fooled by the “official” “Hush” music video on YouTube. This is the original version and sounds better than the remake, which I believe is a live concert version. No video to watch with the original, but still over 12 million views. Take that, Dennis DeYoung and Styx!

Deep Purple’s “Hush” is not just some obscure song. It was recently featured in the excellent 2017 movie Bad Times at the El Royale, which I highly recommend. It’s a pretty famous freakin’ song.

Enter The Maria’s with a new song titled … you guessed it … “Hush.”

Not bad, although I still like Deep Purple’s “Hush” better. My point is that it is okay to use the same song title, but use some judgement. It may be critical and commercial suicide to title your song “Eleanor Rigby” or “Hey, Jude.” And if you are afraid of being sued, “The Best of Times” can be easily changed to “Best of Times” or “The Be$t of Time$” or “A legjobb idők” to capitalize on the growing Hungarian music market.

As for me, I’m going to prove my point. I’ve got an unrecorded novelty song I wrote decades ago titled “The Sad Tale of my Love for the Beautiful Barefoot Bandit.” I’ve been waiting for another song with that exact same title to come out, and then I will record and release mine. Hey, Dennis DeYoung of Styx still lives in the Chicago area. Maybe I should stop by, drop that song title in our discussion as security is removing me, and maybe he’ll steal my song title for the next Styx album. Then, game on!

And speaking of steals, at $0.99 my award-winning book is definitely one. Click this link to steal it for under a buck.


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