I Finished a Marathon!

This weekend, I finished a marathon. In fact, I went beyond the traditional 26.2 mile marathon distance and did 27.5 miles. Now you may not believe me since in May I was proudly blogging about walking 2 miles. But I have proof! Take a look …

Marathon Hmmm, I sense your incredulity. Maybe you’ll believe me more if I explained that I didn’t do all 27.5 miles in one day. I finished my 7 day “marathon” this weekend. No, I didn’t run the whole distance, but it was a combination of running, walking and biking. Hold on, I think it may be better if I answered as if I were Donald Trump at an impromptu press conference.

Fake News Press: Why did you do 27.5 miles instead of 26.2?

Trumpme: I did a great marathon, longer than any other marathon, a bigly marathon.

Fake News Press: Did you actually run all 27.5 miles?

Trumpme: That’s really not important since a marathon is not a race.

Fake News Press: Well, a marathon is actually a race, so how much did you really run?

Trumpme: Well over a mile. Way over a mile. Hugely over a mile.

Fake News Press: Can you be more specific?

Trumpme: No, results are being audited, so I really can’t be more specific while the audit is in progress.

Fake News Press: What are you doing about the crisis in Puerto Rico?

Trumpme: Thank you for your questions.

OK, that’s enough of Trumpme. I feel like I need a shower after just 5 questions. In the spirit of full disclosure, here is my “marathon log” for the week.

marathon record

Although not shown on that log, I think the 0.25 miles I swam at the hotel pool while on business last week needs to be noted. It doesn’t sound like much until I explain that 0.25 miles is 53 laps of a 25 foot long pool. Very boring, but better than the 80 laps to the 1/4 mile in our above-ground pool over the summer.

All in all, not exactly impressive, but after trying various weight loss methods, who knew that a combination of sensible diet and regular exercise would work? I started another “marathon” yesterday. The Chicago Marathon is coming up this Sunday, and I give those folks credit, but as they are finishing their one marathon, I’ll be finishing back-to-back marathons. Someone please hand me a cup of water please so I can dump it over my head.





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