Investigating Sally Yates

This real Trump tweet this morning spurred my investigative side …

Trump Tweet Council

Who is this W.H. Council to whom Sally Yates explained this classified information? And so, once again our crack investigative team trumps Fake News and has launched an independent investigation. Our findings so far …

We first speculated that if Sally Yates provided classified information to this enigmatic W.H. Council, wouldn’t W.H. Council be the prime suspect for leaking the classified information to the newspapers? We searched for W.H. Council.

Because of the presidential connection here, my initial thought was that the W.H. likely stood for William Henry, as in William Henry Harrison, who served the shortest term in presidential history, just one month. We should be so lucky today. The parallels with today are uncanny as William Henry Harrison was actually a British subject, and now we have a Russian agent in the White House. But alas, our reporters ran into a brick wall (or were they pushed?) as William Henry Council has passed away.

WH council obit

RIP. But wait, William Henry Council was a “Sr,” so that should mean there is a William Henry Council Jr shown as a surviving child, but he is not shown. We were able to locate a William Henry Council Jr. obituary from 2010, the year Democrats lost the House. Coincidence or conspiracy? I’ll let you decide because I have no idea.

The cold trail got hot again as we ventured down to this school in Alabama …

wh council

We dug into this school’s history which sounds difficult, but they actually have a very easily navigable website …

From the link to the school’s history, we find “Council Traditional School, formerly W. H. Council Elementary School, was built in 1910.” So the school was built in 1910, right about the time that Donald Trump’s father, born in 1905, would be entering school. Coincidence or conspiracy? The facts are compelling.

At this point, if you can’t connect the dots, then it is probably because your pencil broke. I did, and this is what I found …


connect the dots

Shocking conclusion? Definitely. This is just the beginning of this investigation. We next plan to contact the White House Counsel to see if they have any information about this shadowy W.H. Council. Will this be another dead end? Maybee.



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