Ainsley Outed!

I swear I was NOT watching Fox & Friends this morning purposely. I didn’t even realize it was on one of the televisions in the workout room in the hotel where I was staying. I was already into my treadmill run when I noticed it was on. When I run, I am barely able to continuously put one foot in front of the other. There was absolutely no way that I would be able to pause the treadmill, get off the treadmill, change the channel, get back on the treadmill, start the treadmill, and continue running. That was just not going to happen. Somewhere between pausing the treadmill and getting back on, I would end up sitting on the weight bench eating a candy bar, despite not even having a candy bar in my possession. So I plodded on while the blithering idiots on Fox & Friends blathered on.

They were discussing ancestry and exploring one’s heritage through DNA analysis. When thinking of the Fox & Friends hosts’ ancestry, this image flashed through my mind …


And that’s setting the bar kinda’ high for those nitwits. But there was a payoff to make watching Fox & Friends worthwhile. They explored host Ainsley Earhardt’s ancestry. Here’s what they found …

Ainsley Heritage

The screenshot may be hard to read, so make a little effort and squint. There you go, now you can see the payoff. Ainsley is:

  • 1.6% Middle Eastern

  • 0.8% Sierra Leonean

How long will it take until we get a Trump tweet that reads something like this?

Trump Tweet Ainsley



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