Stop Saying Mike Pence Went Through Gay Conversion Therapy!

With all the lies spewed during this last Presidential campaign, we don’t need to spread another. The latest fabrication making the rounds is that Mike Pence successfully went through gay conversion therapy to save his marriage. It certainly appears obvious that Pence was hoping for much more than just an air peck on the cheek from Trump in this shot.


But the reliable folks at have already researched and addressed this issue for us.

The article headline at looked like this …

Hoosier Convert

Reports that VP-Elect Mike Pence said ‘gay conversion therapy saved his marriage’ are fake news.

The conclusion was …

red-x  FALSE

So I think it is very easy to draw our own conclusions …

Mike Pence never successfully completed gay conversion therapy and therefore Mike Pence is still gay.

You say you subscribe to Men’s Health magazine for the articles? C’mon Mike.

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