At a Crossroads

I haven’t blogged for over a week. It would have felt good to take a blogcation except I was sick. Not that you cared. I didn’t receive one Get Well Soon balloon bouquet from any readers. I’m telling myself that maybe you tried but encountered some difficulties getting it to me.

Or, it may be due to what I hear is a helium shortage. Thanks, Biden. It’s hard for me to confirm such a shortage, because helium is an invisible gas.

A huge reason that I couldn’t blog this past week is because of writing.

I blogged about a short story contest recently with this artistic writing prompt.

Of course, this bucolic scene prompted me to write a grisly crime story. Duh! Even weirder is that it wasn’t my usual jokey shtick, and I think it may be the best story I have written to date. I asked a couple folks close to me to give me their unvarnished opinions, and they really liked it. On top of all that, I think it may fit into my next collection of short stories about friendship. It’s a whopping 5500 words, so that’s about a tenth of a book right there. And upon review of my digital files, it looks like I have another 8-10 friendship stories in various stages of completion. So, I’m kind of stoked again about writing things other than this blog. I’m currently working on a short story called “Uncle Ed’s Toupee” (based upon my Uncle Ed’s toupee) for this contest. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it in time, but it will also fit nicely into my collection of short stories about friendship. And yes, the jokes are back in this one, albeit with a dollop of sweetness on the side.

Another reason for no recent blogging is that I have been torn about the content. I have just gotten comfortable with not blogging about Trump except for occasional snide references to the Great Orange Dope. Now is the time to pile on, right? I considered blogging about the Waco rally where Trump claimed tens of thousands of whackos in attendance but aerial pics from HIS plane showed maybe five thousand tops. And then the “crowd” started leaving 30 minutes into his rambling diatribe. I collected and deleted many pics for that aborted blog post. I just didn’t feel it.

Sure, there will be news tidbits and pics that I will not be able to resist, like this one about the National Enquirer’s David Pecker giving testimony about Trump.

I’m not sure if that chyron is genuine or photoshopped, and I don’t care. It’s perfect and deserves a shout-out.

In general, I think I’m happier not blogging about him. I just don’t want to waste any more of my life on that orange turd. Is that wrong? Besides, I’ve had my hands full recently fighting MAGA ignorance on the local level in the upcoming municipal election this Tuesday. What possible harm could MAGAs do on the school and library boards? A LOT!

Most national MAGAs ultimately self-mock themselves given enough time. They don’t need my mockery. Take House Rep Lauren Boebert for example.

Even when offered a lifeline from her Committee Chair, she chooses the alternative of making a fool of herself.

In conclusion, I think I’ll stay away from expending energy on Trump in this blog. Back to writing about my uncle’s toupee. Oh, and I’m also busy trying to sell a human skull, but that’s a story for another blog post.


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