Write Right Now

I haven’t written much other than this blog recently. Personal and professional issues keep getting in the way. And an election is coming up. I was grateful when a writing buddy emailed me a link to a short story writing contest. No, I don’t think I’ll win.

Editor’s Note: Ugh, he’s feigning modesty again. This egotistical dummy is 100% certain he’ll win. You can be sure when he loses and the contest judges burn his entry in disgust, he’ll feign shock and surprise.

Anyhoo, I do have an idea for a short story. And the contest is 5 bucks to enter. Cheap, like me!

It involves writing to an artistic prompt, specifically this painting.

You can take the story anywhere you want in any genre, and I initially had a dark comedy in mind. I started writing last night. Sadly, the comedy is mostly missing, but the dark remains. We’ll see if I can write a whole story in time.

If you need a deadline to get to writing, you have the rest of March. So, get writing and win the contest or come in second to me.

Editor’s Note: See what I mean?

Here’s the link …

New Deal Writing Competition — GVCA (gvartscouncil.org)

And if you prefer to read rather than write short stories, read my award-winning stories for under a buck!


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