Icky Pop

Nobody is exempt from the ravages of time and aging … except maybe for QB Tom Brady. Nobody can cheat death … except maybe for Rolling Stone Keith Richards. I am no exception. As I age, I am finding that even my wrinkles have wrinkles. I get it. We get old. We get gross.

I accept that fact as I go concerting, seeing a mix of new and old acts. The old acts show some mileage and tread wear. That’s right, they look tired. See what I did there? I used some tire analogies and then the word tired?

Editor’s Note: He thinks he’s so clever. He’s not. Those “clever” tire references are nothing more than retread puns. See what I did there?

Anyhoo, Iggy Pop came to town this weekend. I would have liked to see one of the pioneers of punk, but he played the Salt Shed, a new music venue with no seating unless one wants to pay a lot more. I don’t. It’s probably for the best.

If I ever walk around the house without a shirt, my youngest daughter will cry out in despair, “Put a shirt on!” Now I know why. Here’s 75-year old shirtless Iggy on stage at the Salt Shed.

Where’s a low-resolution camera phone when you need one?

Iggy was known for crawling across the stage on broken glass in his early days. I thought that maybe what we’re seeing in that pic is just a lot of scarring. Unfortunately, his rear view is just as bad.

I’m not trying to make fun of Mr. Pop. There was plenty of that going on over at Twitter after the show. Old age happens. I think I see myself reflected in him. But nobody else wants to see that. Just wear a shirt and keep your pants pulled up. Shouldn’t there be a law that mandates 75-year olds must wear underwear? My family is grateful that they don’t have to remind me to, “Put some pants on.”

Getting past the Twitter wrinkle insults, reviews for his show have been great. Kudos to Iggy. Here are brief snippets from the show.

Here’s a marque from a concert venue in Detroit in 1980.

Wow, 3 great shows in 4 days. Sadly, The Clash disbanded and The Ramones are literally dead. Long live Iggy Pop, King of Punk. But put a shirt on!


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