March March

It’s March, so it was time to march today in our town’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. I was supposed to ride in the back of a snowplow with other St. Charles Township elected officials, but with snow in the forecast, the township canceled so that all snowplows would be ready for snow removal. That’s actually very responsible but no fun. Instead, I marched with fellow Kane County and St. Charles Township Democrats.

The group of Democrats marching has grown quite a bit over the years. This year we had 2 US House representatives, an Illinois House representative, various Kane County elected officials and board membes, and me as the sole elected township official. In addition, we had Democrat candidates for our upcoming municipal election in April and many other local Dems. We’re kind of a big deal now.

Can you see me in the back holding the “Be The Change! Vote Democrat” sign? Barely, right? Why did I get stuck in the back? Well, I am tall, and I also looked ridiculous. See for yourself …

Am I green enough for a St. Patrick’s Day parade? Despite the cold weather, I had a great time marching with some really wonderful people. They even put me right at the front holding the Kane County Democrats banner, possibly to break the wind that gusted from time-to-time. You can always count on me to break wind.

I do have some concern about Becky McCabe’s re-election campaign. You can see her campaign sign held by a supporter in the pic above. She may have made a strategic blunder. Take a look at her campaign video, particularly the idiot she got an endorsement from at the very end.

Becky is such a great candidate and current school board member. I hope I don’t sink her re-election bid. The last Democrat candidate who used me in a campaign video lost by almost 10 percentage points. Let’s hope the voters are willing to look past me and see Becky for the excellent candidate and incumbent board member she is.

Marching in the local parade, I kind of miss out on the big parade in Chicago with the Chicago River dyed green. Our local Great Lake Jumper couldn’t miss this great opportunity.

A friend asked if St. Charles dyes our local Fox River green. No need as it already is a bit green year round. I’ll wait until it warms up a bit before I dive wade in.

Now that the marching in a parade part is out of the way, let’s get this week long St. Patrick’s Day celebration started. Sláinte.


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