The Twelve Days of Blogging

I had maybe hoped I could delay starting my Twelve Days of Blogging until after Christmas, and nobody would notice or care, and then I just wouldn’t do it, but I stumbled across something that demands I post it today. So, I guess I start my Twelve Days of Blogging with this post. Besides, if I get too busy to blog, I’ll just recycle old Christmas posts. You readers don’t expect much with this blog, and I’m confident I can meet your low expectations.

I heard on the radio about a fascinating, but short, Christmas play, and I tracked it down on Twitter for your enjoyment. Supposedly, the plot and dialogue were written by AI (artifical intelligence, not former NBA star Allen Iverson) that was fed with terms, phrases, and themes from the Hallmark Channel. The AI spit out a mini story titled “The Christmas on Christmas” and is available for you in its entirety if you click to continue reading.

Now that’s writing. I would totally watch that Hallmark movie. There are so many concepts in that brief story that I love. In order of appearance in the story, I really dig:

  • Snow globe refillery
  • Christmas juice
  • Jesus Claus
  • His hands are briefcases
  • Hallmark hot
  • Oil resort
  • I sell families
  • Husband’s bones in the corner of the room
  • Giftwrapped in eggnog
  • Snow curse
  • Santa is bones

I am not convinced that it was written by AI, and I think that perhaps it was really written by some very clever person. Or, perhaps it was translated from Russian by a Russian who speaks stilted English. I do know with certainty that it was not written by me, but it may just be the impetus I need to get into filmmaking.


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